Mold Remediation

Keep Facilities and Homes Healthier and Safe for Workers, Families and Production

Mold, fungi and bacteria find a way to infest and grow in unexpected areas within factories and commercial buildings. Fires and inherent water damage, spills, unexpected contagions from rodents, rain and high humidity, flooding and sewer backups – these and more can allow unhealthy spores to breed and grow in dark places within factories and workplaces and can lead to illness, sickness, missed workdays and even factory shutdowns if the local health department gets involved. Black mold in particular is a veritable “kiss of death” for a business property. Food and beverage production companies are especially vulnerable to mold and fungi outbreaks but any workplace featuring human employees needs to be on-guard against these unwanted micro-flora.

Mold growth in homes can be an even worse health problem, since more time is spent in the home than at work. Black mold in basements can cause serious health conditions and can impact the future sale of your home as well as the health of your family. Flooding and faulty footer pipes are the prime causes of black mold growth in homes, but Peak’s dry ice-based blast cleaning removes that mold while killing it with arctic air.

Dry ice mold remediation is a particularly effective process for cleaning and removing 99% of mold spores on wooden construction when IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) standards are followed. Peak’s waterless dry ice blasting cleaning process ensures that mold and fungi spores are not further-spread throughout a facility, as bacteria and microorganisms are instantly killed upon contact by the sub-zero power of frozen dry ice. Our dry ice blast cleaning also hinders further growth on surfaces that have been treated with our CO2 technology.

The Benefits of Dry Ice Mold Remediation Are Many

  • No Damage to Wooden Surfaces
  • Far faster Cleaning Times than with Traditional Abrasive Media
  • No Secondary Media to Remove or Clean-Up After Blasting
  • Chemical-Free Process
  • Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Impacts Hard-to-Reach Surfaces
  • A 100% Green Industrial Cleaning Process
  • Kills bacteria and fungi on contact

If our dry ice blast cleaning solution sounds too good to be true for mold remediation for your home or commercial or industrial needs, we assure you that it’s not! Learn for yourself the many advantages to dry ice blasting cleaning on this page. Get a better understanding of our CO2 cleaning process here. Ready to engage with Peak? We’re here for you – please contact us today to get started.