Dry Ice Blasting Services for Revolutionary Industrial and Commercial Cleaning in the Midwest

Extended Equipment Life, Increased Performance

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning extends the life of electric motors, conveyors, machinery and tools by removing surface coatings and residue - reducing or eliminating costly repair, replacement or rental programs. Restore machinery and equipment to near-new conditions for better performance with Peak's CO2 blast cleaning service!

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Reduced Facility Downtime

Dry Ice Blasting reduces facility downtime due to in-place jet blasting with less equipment disassembly or moving, no abrasive media to clean-up afterwards, and no drying time required for facilities and machinery.

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One Hundred Percent Green

Dry Ice Cleaning is an eco-friendly, 100% green cleaning solution that is waterless, chemical-free and heat-free for almost any industry. Save on water use and water-table pollution, avoid toxic chemicals in the workplace, and avoid heat-generated noxious fumes with our rugged, Green cleaning solution for business and industry.

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Cleaning with Dry Ice

Just as the glaciers scraped the North American continent clean Ages ago, Peak Dry Ice Blasting is here to thoroughly clean and restore the performance of facilities and equipment in factories, foundries, food processing plants and other industries across the Midwest with the power of jet-blasted CO². Remarkably effective and highly efficient, dry ice blasting – also known as dry ice cleaning, CO² blasting or CO² cleaning – out-performs other industrial cleaning systems and processes with its waterless, heat-free and chemical-free process.

Featuring no surface abrasion to valuable machinery, no drying times before equipment re-use, and no toxic chemicals or residual particulate matter or media to dispose of or remove, Peak Dry Ice Blasting reduces production downtime and the costs of lost productivity while cleaning equipment and machinery better than plastic-bead or soda-bead or sand blasting, power washing or chemical solutions. Allow us to provide you with a peak cleaning experience through innovative, powerful dry ice blasting services throughout the Midwest today!


Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT GREEN, industrial cleaning technology that is the only method approved by the FDA, EPA and USDA for the cleaning of food processing equipment. Learn our CO2 cleaning process here. Get started with Peak by contacting us today with questions or to schedule service.