Our Advantage

You might be asking yourself at this point just exactly WHAT IS dry ice blasting and WHY is it advantageous over more traditional commercial and industrial cleaning technologies – such as plastic-bead, soda-bead or sand-grain blasting; power washing using hot or cold forced jets of water; or chemical cleaning methods using harsh and toxic chemicals applied by sprays or by hand? The secret of CO2 blasting or dry ice blasting is that dry ice pellets are used as the cleaning medium instead of the above-mentioned media. Dry ice pellets and the inherent physics in dry ice is what makes the remarkably efficient difference.

When dry ice pellets are unleashed upon a dirty, grimy, rusty or greasy surface at ultra-high-speed velocity via a pressurized air stream, these soft pellets strike the target surface and instantly transform into gas due to the impact and the temperature differential between the -109°F dry ice pellets and the room temperature surface of the machinery or facility.

The pellets “explode” and the gas expands to 800 times the size of the original pellet – lifting and blasting the unwanted residue off of any surface being cleaned. It’s THAT simple, THAT fast, and THAT effective. Learn about the entire dry ice blasting process here.

Why Use Peak’s Dry Ice Blasting Service?

  • Reduced Production Downtime. Because there is NO drying time for equipment and facilities with dry ice blasting – the pellets turn to gas and evaporate – equipment is ready to use right away.
  • Reduced Facility Clean-Up. There’s no particulate media to clean-up afterwards due to pellet evaporation with CO2 blasting. No mopping. No vacuuming. No sweeping. No scrubbing. Physics and temperature do all the work! All that must be cleaned away is the removed surface residue that is blasted off the equipment.
  • Less Machinery Dismantling or Moving. Due to the dry ice blasting process and our equipment, most machinery to be cleaned can remain in-place while being blasted. This reduces prep time as well as down-time for production processes – helping companies to continue to meet their productivity goals.
  • No Damage to Sensitive or Delicate Equipment. Because dry ice pellets are softer than other cleaning media and due to the explosive nature of the CO2 blasting process, no abrasion occurs to the surface of targeted equipment – expanding the life of your equipment while improving its performance over time.
  • No Toxic or Harsh Chemicals in the Plant or Workplace. Unlike chemical cleaning processes that require acids or chemical reactions to remove surface coatings such as trichlorethane, methylene chloride or cresylic acid, dry ice blasting uses no harmful chemicals of any kind. There’s nothing to inhale or touch afterwards that can cause workers any harm.
  • A completely Environmentally Friendly, Green Industrial Cleaning Solution. With no chemicals to use, clean-up or dispose of afterwards and no water-use that could deplete or pollute the local water tables, CO2 or dry ice blasting is completely Eco-friendly and is an EPA-approved cleaning system for industrial applications.
  • Completely Safe for Electrical and Combustion Systems. Due to the nature of dry ice and its evaporative properties, CO2 blasting is completely safe to use on electrical equipment and heated equipment. Dry ice blasting in non-conductive and non-flammable.
  • FDA and USDA-Approved. Dry ice blasting is the only industrial and commercial cleaning process for the Food & Beverage Processing industry that is approved by the USDA and the FDA as well as the EPA.
  • Kills Bacteria and Inhibits Mold Growth. Since CO2 blasting uses no water and leaves no water behind, mold growth in dark corners and under equipment is inhibited. The intense cold of dry ice blasting (-109°F/-78°C) kills living bacteria such as listeria, salmonella and e-Coli on contact for a hygienic, more healthy production environment.
  • Reduces Cleaning Costs and Saves Money. Particularly due to reduced downtime for production and the increased life of treated equipment and facilities, dry ice or CO2 blasting is the most cost-effective method available for commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

Are you ready for a Peak cleaning experience at your factory, plant or commercial facility? Peak is ready for you! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a CO2 blasting session for your needs anywhere in the Midwest. Experience the power of explosive dry ice blasting and you’ll never go back to less-effective industrial cleaning techniques.