Foundry Blasting

The Cool Industrial Cleaning Solution for a Hot Industry

When it comes to foundry work and ongoing required industrial maintenance, downtime equals lost productivity equals diminished profits and success in a very competitive industry with small profit margins. However, foundry applications involving molds, castings, forging and refractory coatings means resins, release agents and coatings are going to accumulate on molds, tools, core boxes, vents, and general and pneumatic equipment. These residues and more must be cleaned on a regular basis or productivity will slow down and the actual products being manufactured will diminish in quality. What’s an ambitious foundry to do?

Peak Dry Ice Blasting offers foundries across the Midwest and select other states with the most efficient and effective industrial cleaning solution for foundry needs – powerful dry ice blasting. Our CO2 blasting process enables a complete micro-explosive blast cleaning of permanent aluminum molds, vents, core boxes, semi-solid castings, die-casting machines, hydraulic power units, conveyors, shell core molds, die-casting tools, general equipment and the foundry facility itself.

With foundry dry ice blasting services from Peak, industrial foundries can expect:

  • No Mold Disassembly
  • No Waste Disposal Costs
  • An Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solution
  • Removal of Graphite Lubricants, Carbon, Dust, Ink, and Grease from Equipment and Facilities
  • Completely Waterless Cleaning
  • Non-Abrasive Cleaning
  • No Damage to Tooling or Bearings
  • Hot and In-Place Cleaning
  • Increased Production Time
  • Cost Savings Over Other Industrial Cleaning Methods

Is your foundry ready to try the best industrial cleaning solution yet devised? Contact Peak Dry Ice Blasting today to get started. You can learn the many reasons why dry ice blasting beats other industrial cleaning methods here. Get an understanding of how our CO2 blasting process works on this website page.