Reduce Production Downtime while Restoring Machinery and Facilities to Like-New Conditions by the Power of Jet-Blasted CO2 Cleaning Technology!

From Aircraft & Aerospace and Food and Beverage Processing to Foundry, Plastics, Mold Remediation and the Printing/Plating industry, commercial companies across the Midwest are discovering the cost and time savings as well as remarkable efficiencies that increase production quality through industrial dry ice blasting. Less equipment dismantling and moving, zero toxic chemicals in the workplace or on the plant floor, no residual blasting media or secondary waste to clean-up…these are just a few of the advantages that industrial customers are experiencing when they partner with Peak Dry Ice Blasting for our total CO2 cleaning solution service.

Whether you’re a manufacturing, assembly, or service-based company in business today, keeping equipment and facilities in top-notch operating shape is mandatory for maximum output and quality productivity. Grease, proteins, wax, glues, soot, oil build-up, sealants, sludge, inks, mold, paint, rust, welding slag, dirt, particulate matter and many more contaminants and by-products of production processes accumulate quickly on machinery, equipment, floors and walls – threatening to slow down or halt production, damage expensive machinery, and reduce the overall quality of manufactured goods. Industrial dry ice blasting is the fastest and most thorough cleaning solution – and Peak offers it to companies and businesses all across the Midwest.


The industries we currently serve with our industrial dry ice blasting technology include:


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